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Welcome to XR Wordsmiths.

Latest from the Blog

Will You Be There for the Big One?

As the Big One approaches, we have a simple question – “Will You Be There?” Perhaps your counter question might be “Why SHOULD I be there?” If you are asking questions like this, or even if you’re just looking for inspiration, then read on!


Following our call out for sculptors, XR Wordsmiths take a look at the wider concept of art, in the context of communicating the Climate and Ecological Emergency. What works and what doesn’t? And what is art anyway? What is Eco-art? Read on!

A Renaissance for the Planet?

The Park by Adam Marx is one of our favourite Solarpunk stories from the original Showcase. It’s inspired us to contemplate sculpture, Art, and their place within our movement for change. But what else could it do? Is there more? Maybe! If you know an artist or sculptor get them to read this blog!

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