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Statement by XR Muslims and XR Wordsmiths on the Current Situation in Palestine

XR Muslims’ Statement

What is #SaveSheikhJarrah? Sheikh Jarrah is a predominantly Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem, 2 km north of the Old City. 28 Palestinian families currently face the threat of forceful eviction, many already previously illegally evicted from Talbiya in 1948.

Forced removal of an occupied people is illegal under international law and Israel’s claim for Jerusalem remains disputed by the UN Partition Resolution. Palestinians continue being forcibly displaced to make way for Israeli settlers to take their homes.

Last month, Human Rights Watch released a statement declaring Israeli authorities of being guilty of apartheid against Palestinians. This Monday (May 10th), Israeli police violently stormed Al-Aqsa mosque and attacked Palestinians worshiping during Ramadan.

Following the facts and XR principle 4, we openly challenge this deeply unjust, toxic system. XR Muslims stand in solidarity with the Palestinians. We urge everyone around us to call out on Israel’s illegal settlements and continued human rights violations.

We invite our global community to share these statements far and wide, and to continue to share the words, names, images and stories of Palestinians worldwide to mitigate their erasure.

XR Wordsmiths Statement

XR Wordsmiths unequivocally condemns the unconscionable, indiscriminate violence the Israeli government is raining down upon Palestinian civilians. We condemn Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, dressed up as ‘evictions’, as well as their illegal bulldozing of Palestinian homes. We will not be silent about Israel’s launching of skunk water, tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets at worshipers during the holy month of Ramadan in one of the holiest sites of Islam, Al Aqsa mosque. We speak out against the heinous bombings, perpetrated by the Israeli government against the Palestinians of Gaza, which have destroyed hospitals, roads to hospitals, homes, schools, an orphanage, and at the time of this writing, killed 61 children and displaced 38,000 people. We emphatically denounce the US and UK complicity in Israeli violence through arms sales and obstructive politicking.  

These, and other events of violence across the land are not isolated, but are linked in a vicious constellation of colonial brutality which aims to terrorize the indigenous Palestinian people. They are the continuation of the dispossession of the Palestinians from their home in the wake of the creation of Israel in 1948. 

We call settler colonialism by its name. 

We call ethnic cleansing by its name. 

We affirm that Palestinians, like all humans, have the right to live in dignity and security. We affirm that their rights are not less than those of others. We affirm their right to live, dream, and grow old in peace and love. We stand in solidarity with their struggle for freedom from oppression, for a life not curtailed by settler colonialism, and for justice. We commend Palestinians’ steadfastness and resilience and await with hopeful hearts the day resilience is no longer necessary. The day will come when freedom and dignity are a reality for all people in the Holy Land and they are no longer judged by their religion, ethnicity, or place of birth but by the content of their character. That is what we must strive for.

With love and rage.

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