Masters of Oil

One of Bob Dylan’s most famous, brilliant songs, “Masters of War” is a response to the military build ups the world witnessed in the 1960s. The original song deals with militarization as a threat to the safety of humankind, specifically the young and juxtaposes the enablers of militarization with the price the world pays for their deeds. Today humanity still suffers from the military industrial complex, with the added threat of the climate and ecological emergency. While the military build up was enabled by fat cat arms developers and politicians, today we also hold accountable fossil fuel industry for its harm to humankind and the earth.

Solarpunk Storytelling Showcase

Words alone won’t resolve the climate and ecological emergency, but they can provide the hope and inspiration we need; the solarpunk story showcase provides an opportunity for you to do exactly that, by sharing your vision of a better future. Read all about our exciting showcase, and then write your own story!

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