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Hot From the Anvil

Solarpunk on the Move: Solarpunk Nomadism and Near-Future Climate Resilience

As our second Solarpunk showcase opens and we ask you to give us your visions of a positive future for humanity and nature, we also ask: what is Nomadpunk? And how could it save the planet? Solarpunk author Christopher R Muscato is our guide to this exiting phenomenon! Stay tuned to find out how you can get involved!


Ferocious Fashion – Part 1: The Monster Among Us

Why does fashion hold such a grip on our collective consciousness? How did it come to form part of our identity? What is Fast Fashion, and why is it such a disaster for human rights? Mick Haining investigates all these questions and more in Part 1 of Ferocious Fashion.

The Lure of (Just Buying) STUFF

Why do we hunger for ever more stuff? What is the power that advertising and consumerism holds over us? Has it always been this way? How do we break the spell? Eileen Peck explores.

System Change Part 4 – Deciding Together

In the previous installments of this System Change series, Eileen Peck looked at how the current system came to be, how it controls our lives, and, in the last episode, how many, many, people are taking it upon themselves to change the way they live.
So where do we go from here?

Small Wave – Part Three

The pollution of our oceans and rivers, like the pollution of our atmosphere, threatens all life on Earth. Why is it so many of us cannot see this impending threat? What is stopping us all from taking action right now? These are not trivial questions, but we must do what we can to find an answer. The future may depend upon it.

Small Wave – Part Two

Part 2 of Small Wave examines the imposition of chemical pollution in all of our waterways and rivers, nationally and internationally. Sources of this pollution include everything from sewage to the dairy industry.

And what are the authorities doing, or more accurately, not doing about about this scourge?

One Small Wave – Part One

The Teesport will be a Freeport, and, it is claimed, will be one of the prizes of Brexit. By 2050 Teesport will be a gateway to “Global Britain” and a guaranteed prosperous future for the North East of England. But what price will the north east’s coastline and its natural life pay for this “prosperity”? And how will this price impact upon its people? Mick Haining explains.


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