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Solarpunk on the Move: Solarpunk Nomadism and Near-Future Climate Resilience

As our second Solarpunk showcase opens and we ask you to give us your visions of a positive future for humanity and nature, we also ask: what is Nomadpunk? And how could it save the planet? Solarpunk author Christopher R Muscato is our guide to this exiting phenomenon! Stay tuned to find out how you can get involved!


Hope in the Shadow of War? – Climate Futures Action Exploration

Could you dream about (positive) climate futures while a war started in Europe? That is exactly what we did on Feb 25 with a group of 35 people from around the globe. The climate future we explored was a Solarpunk story that was full of warmth, peace, and hope. Hope not only for peace between humans but also for peace between humans, technology, and nature.

The Solarpunk Storytelling Showcase: The Power of Storytelling in Building a Better Future

As our new Solarpunk Stoytelling Showcase goes LIVE Lottie Emily Dodd explains the vision that brought us Extinction Rebellion’s celebration of radical imagination!

Solarpunk x Playback Theater

“On February 10, Climate Futures Action Explorations launched with its first official session. 45 people interested in the cocktail of Solarpunk, action methods and climate action joined us to sense into and feel out a future scenario and its ripple effects. We had people calling in from the US, Canada, Europe, India, Thailand and New Zealand. What an opening!”

Solarpunk Storytelling Showcase

Words alone won’t resolve the climate and ecological emergency, but they can provide the hope and inspiration we need; the solarpunk story showcase provides an opportunity for you to do exactly that, by sharing your vision of a better future. Read all about our exciting showcase, and then write your own story!